Saturday, 10 November 2012

How to create Dinosaur skin!

I am just doing a tutorial on how to create Dinosaur skin. You could use this technique on all reptiles.

Tutorial Recipe
Image - Santasaurus 
Spectrum Noirs - DG1,LG1,LY2,LG3,DG1,|TN1


1) Colour in the image Santasaurus with LG1 in small circular motions all over to give a base for the rest of the colours.

2)Now using the chisel end of your LY2 Spectrum Noir place random strokes all over the top 2 thirds of the image.

3) Now take the TN1 and do the same as step 2 but try to put the marks in diffent places and in some places overlap the ones that you have already placed down.

4) Repeat step 3 with LG3 Spectrum Noir Can you see the layers building up in the photo above

 5) Repeat Step 3 with DG1.

 6) Add a layer of Crackle glaze over all the areas where you have coloured in depending on how thick your layer is it should take 1-2 hours to dry and it creates the effect of reptile skin. You could use in over grey elephant skin for a similar textural effect.

 7) This is an example of the finished technique.

8) Here is another example. 

I hope you like what I have done and please leave a comment if you use the technique so I can visit you and see what you have done.

.Thanks for stopping by today I really appreciate your time and comments. I hope you are inspired too. Hugs Pascale

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